Walk In Tubs

Are you having a difficult time getting into your bath tub?  Let HomeBath help you ensure your independence.

We can help by installing a brand-new Walk-In Tub, with beautifully finished acrylic wall surrounds in as little as 2-days.

We remove the existing tub & wall board, update the behind-the-scenes plumbing to meet current building-code requirements and install new CertainTeed ProRoc® Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board.

Starting with a clean slate, you can now choose from many tub styles, decorative wall and ceiling finishes, stylish fixtures and accessories to accommodate your mobility requirements.

Your new Walk-In Bath Tub can be also be designed to function as a shower, complete with safety grab-bars, and wall mounted shower head slide bar and soap caddies.

  • Available in jetted or non-jetted styles.
  • Lifetime warranty on door seal and acrylic wall panels.
  • Easy to care for finish.
  • Non-slip floor.
  • Available infrared heat lamp.
  • Cost effective personal care/mobility solution.